Thursday, 11 December 2014

FOODSTORIES - Eunkyung Zebby Kang - Korea

Eating cold noodle on a heat up floor is like jumping into a 
cold / hot sauna.
Eunkyung Zebby Kang - Illustrator - Korea

I know it sounds crazy but Korean (including myself) eat ritually hot boiling soup in a stone bowl in the summer, and we enjoy cold noodles with half frozen broth in winter to cope the severe weather. 

Naengmyeon is a bowl of buckwheat noodle in cold beef stock. Yes, it's cold noodle originated from North Korean capital - Pyongyang and ironically it's loved by South Koreans. It's a popular summer menu but winter is the best season to taste it right.

There's a few restaurants to make it original North Korean recipe in Seoul. When you arrive, choose the ondol seat. Ondol is an 'under floor heating system' and one of the brilliant inventions of Korea. It defreeze your body especially cold feet and bottom and warm up your body instantly. When you are seated, the boiled noodle water will be served and you drink it as a welcome tea.  Eating cold noodle on heat up floor is like a jumping into cold / hot sauna back and forthIt is so very nice to feel your body warms up and soon your cheeks are blushed and it doesn't feel cold any more.

Don't be surprised by the size of bowl. it's huge, sip a cold stock first, and it is better to drink it than using spoon (most restaurants doesn't have spoons!) Share a dumpling with it, and enjoy the noodle with north korean kimchi and pickled daikon.

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