Saturday, 18 October 2014


Why homemade cheese is cool? 

Netherlands is a cheese country, but how do you make cheese? With this wooden cheese press made ​​of durable oak, you are able to hand make your own cheese at home. Let's search for the perfect cheese. Experiment, play and explore.There is also a booklet for beginners. So really anyone can make their own cheese...... 

Cheese Maker is the first product that was created by Larissa Blok and Berber Galema from the label Smakerij, both students from University of applied science in Den Bosch. In one week these girls were able to reach the amount needed at crowdfunding to develop the first set up of Cheesemakers. I'm happy to announce that is the first online shop where the Cheesemaker is for sale. The first 5 Pieces are to order here and delivered end of November. Be the first to make your own cheese for Xmas!
How does it work?
Cheese Maker is easy to use. Already within 3 hours you make a homemade cheese. In the package you get all the life products that you need to make cheese. The products that you still need to add are just fresh in the supermarket for sale.  A nicely designed durable product we are happy to ad in the shop. "

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